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Listed on: 2/19/2019 6:47:00 AMPST
Location: Springfield, NJ
Industry: Technical
Salary: Open
Description: Responsible for overseeing Valcor’s Export Compliance Programs and taking necessary and reasonable steps to ensure the company’s full compliance with U.S. and export control laws. Plan, direct, and coordinate all contract functions, provide direction for the development and implementation of effective policies and procedures applicable to the administration of contracts. Export Compliance: 1. Ensure that the export compliance program is implemented and followed. 2. Maintain access to current versions of the ITAR, EAR including lists of restricted parties, including the Denied Parties List, the Entity List, Unverified List and the list of Specially Designated Nationals. 3. Coordinate with Shipping, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Repairs and company engineers on export compliance. 4. Ensure that an export compliance worksheet is completed for each export transaction. 5. Determine whether an export license is required, or if a license exception applies, in consultation with outside counsel, if necessary. 6. Process export licenses and re-export requests. 7. Distribute approved export licenses and other official documents as appropriate. 8. Maintain and update Manual and any other export control materials as necessary. 9. Contract outside export compliance counsel when appropriate. 10. Maintain records of all export licenses and relevant documentation. 11. Report, on a regular basis, to senior management on export practices and compliance. 12. Coordinate training and awareness programs of export compliance personnel and other company employees Promptly investigate any suspected violation of U.S. export regulations by any employee of Valcor and report such violations to senior management. Contracts: 1. Provide guidance to the Contracts personnel regarding compliance with corporate policy standard business practice/procedures and assure adherence to contractual obligations. 2. Review terms and conditions of customer inquiries to provide management with a determination of our ability to comply with and/or the cost impact of the various clauses and provisions. 3. Participate in the review of proposals to the extent necessary to assure accuracy and compliance with corporate directives. 4. Assist the Director of Contracts and take an active role in negotiation and formalization of contracts and agreements with customers and suppliers. 5. Direct and approve negotiations of proposals by assistant administrators. 6. Monitor and maintain status of major customers (complex, high dollar) proposals and purchase orders. 7. Keep abreast of all changes to contract law, concentrating on the ever-changing Government regulations and laws. Advise management of those changes, which have an impact on our corporate policies and procedures. 8. Assist and provide recommendations concerning procedures, personnel, equipment or other improvements that may better the overall effectiveness of the company. 9. Work within the team to ensure accurate and timely response to customer requirements.
Requirements: Minimum of 7 years’ experience on (a) specific implementation of International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) AND Export Administrative Regulations (EAR). Compliance programs; and (b) a broad contracts experience required base. Must have a demonstrated ability to negotiate and a good working knowledge of Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR), and Federal regulations. Degree in Business or Marketing required. Paralegal or Law Degree desired. Courses in business/contract law a plus. L. J. Gonzer Associates is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.