The management of the company is defined by stability and experience.  Our management staff has been with the firm for an average of more than 20 years.  We were original founders of the Nation Technical Services Organization.  Currently we are members of, the American Staffing Association, the New Jersey Staffing Alliance, the New York Staffing Association, and the Mid-Atlantic Staffing Association.  We currently hold board seats on the New Jersey Staffing Alliance and are members of the Technical Committee for the American Staffing Association.  These organizations are dedicated to high levels of legal, ethical and professional practices among their members.

Daniel J. Muhlfelder, President/CEO

Dan was hired as part time help during the summer of 1977. He learned about the staffing industry, literally from the ground up. A graduate of Rutgers University, Dan came to work full time after college and has been here ever since. As a recruiter Dan was very adept at working with candidates to find people who not only met the clients technical requirements but also people Dan knew would excel in that environment, By doing this he had developed a following of people who knew that they could depend on Dan for a productive assignment. In 1994 Dan was made the Vice President of Personnel where he looked to do with the company what he was able to do individually, match the right people to the right positions. It progressed well and in 2008 Dan purchased the company with Mr. Stafford from Lawrence Gonzer. Dan is currently a Board Member and Chair of the Executive Leadership Committee for the New Jersey Staffing Alliance, as well as a standing member with the American Staffing Association.

David C. Stafford, Vice President/COO

David has been with L. J. Gonzer Associates since April, 1984, where he started as a sales representative with the company. Working directly with clients and having come out of an inside sales position previously, David had a solid background working with customers. In addition to his personal interests in technology and engineering, he had taken several design and engineering courses which allowed him to feel very comfortable working with the engineering community. Very quickly his understanding of the types and breadth of projects made clients comfortable that he was someone who could understand their needs and not just another sales person unfamiliar with their environment. In 1999 he was made the Vice President of Sales and in 2008, he and Mr. Muhlfelder purchased the company from Lawrence Gonzer. In addition he is a Certified Staffing Professional by NAPS and a member of the New Jersey Staffing Alliance and the American Staffing Association.

Emily Black, Accounting/Payroll Manager

Ms. Black started with L. J. Gonzer Associate in 1972 in our payroll department.  She continued her education while employed with the company and was quick to understand that technology was going to play and important role in keeping us at the forefront of the staffing industry. Her role over the years has continued to increase and develop. Eager to take on more responsibility, she became involved with various aspects of payroll, benefits, taxes and billing.  Ms. Black has been instrumental in growing our accounting and payroll capabilities to keep pace with the every changing regulatory and technological advances in payroll in order to keep us compliant and running smoothly.