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Experience, Flexibility, Responsiveness and Principles

L. J. Gonzer Associates has been providing technical staffing services throughout the Northeastern United States for more than 55 years. Our understanding and commitment to this sector of the business is established and well recognized. During our long history we have worked to provide high quality staffing support in the areas of engineering, IT, design, drafting and technical support for Commercial, and Institutional, Education and Government organizations.

We have designed our company to be flexible in order to work with numerous customers who have varying needs and environments. We have built our firm having the technical knowledge to understand our customers’ requirements as well as the business understanding to offer the right solutions to all of our customer’s requirements.

Above all we value ethics and responsible corporate behavior. We are active members of the American Staffing Association, New Jersey Staffing Association and the Mid-Atlantic Staffing Association and have been so for many years. Our staff is trained to work honestly with both clients and employees to create an environment that is based on integrity and reliability. This has been our cornerstone for more than 50 years and will continue as long as we are here.

When you add these things up you get a unique, organization that has moved with the tide for more than five decades, working to make available cost effective human capital solutions for an ever changing staffing environment and corporate landscape.

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