Why choose L.J. Gonzer Associates?

Experience, Flexibility, Responsiveness and Principles

L.J. Gonzer Associates has been providing technical staffing services throughout the Northeastern United States for more than 55 years. Our understanding and commitment to this sector of the business is established and well recognized. During our long history we have worked to provide high quality staffing support in the areas of Engineering, Design, Drafting, Graphics, Information Technology and Technical Support for numerous Commercial/Institutional, Education and Government organizations.

We have designed our company to be flexible in order to work with customers who have varying needs and environments. We have built our firm having the technical knowledge to understand our customers’ requirements as well as the business understanding to offer the right solutions to fit our client’s needs.

Above all we value ethics and responsible corporate behavior. We are active members of the American Staffing Association, New Jersey Staffing Association, New York Staffing Association and the Mid-Atlantic Staffing Association and have been so for many years. Additionally we are members of SHRM and have members certified as Technical Staffing Specialists by NAPS. Our staff is trained to work honestly with both clients and employees to create an environment that is based on integrity, confidence and reliability. This has been our cornerstone for more than 50 years.

When you add these things up you get a unique organization that has moved with the tide for more than five decades, working to make available cost effective human capital solutions for an ever changing staffing environment and corporate landscape.

A New Staffing Paradigm

We believe that contract staffing is the future of staffing and human resource solutions in our economy. By providing flexible resources we can help companies to have greater access to more diverse talent, be more responsive, leaner and more cost effective. We feel the key will be to manage labor in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Having “Just-in-Time” staffing and the ability to offer new skill sets to organizations that desperately need them, will be the focus of the next generation of responsive, global businesses.

Speed dominates the business environment and the ability to address, modify or completely redefine staffing requirements quickly will be the key to future competitiveness. This is the future and we are leading the way by embracing this paradigm shift and looking at the future and what companies will need to make them work and compete in the 21st century.

Additionally, as new technologies introduce new potential areas for growth, companies are going to want to off-load more and more, non-core business activities in order to focus on their primary objectives while letting other companies focus on technologies and services to support them.

We think the future is very bright for contract staffing and technical support services.