Ethical and Responsible

Although privately owned and operated, LJGA is a corporation that believes in a strong sense of ethical and responsible corporate behavior. LJGA’s management is responsible for ensuring that the Company’s operations, processes and activities are reinforced by a strong system of governance that is fully integrated into all facets of its business. It is management’s responsibility to operate in a manner that insures the sustainability of the Company.

Our responsibility as an organization includes our commitment to our employees, our environment, our clients, our vendors and our community. LJGA pledges it’s continued efforts to insure that all operations are conducted at the highest standards and reflect only a culture of principled and consistent responsiveness to clients and employees.

As a member of the communities in which we work we have an impact in a number of ways and it is our goal to be a positive impact in all of the areas in which we touch the public.

Business Concerns

We work to be a good partner to our clients business providing the best support services we can. By running our business with high ethical standards and providing new and ever evolving services to insure our future.


We are committed to finding the best individuals available to assign to our clients projects. We adhere to all laws concerning wages and employment as well as to use our best efforts to protect our employees and provide a safe work environment.

Social Concerns

We will be involved in the communities in which we operate. By being a good citizen we believe we cultivate and endorse a new generation of clients and employees.

Environmental Concerns

We must protect the environments in which we work in every way possible. We will implement policies that encourage all of our staff and operations to operate in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Whether it is being a good neighbor in the locations in which we work or promoting solid fundamental business practices, we believe that as a company we have a responsibility to our clients, our employees, our company and our communities. We strive each day to balance these ideals to be a better resource.