UPDATE: May, 2021

To our Clients and Staff:

We continue to monitor all of the developments concerning the coronavirus situation and working continuously to quickly adapt to the changing conditions and requirements surrounding both employees trying to work remotely and trying to insure that all employees are safe and are following the mandatory guidelines.

Our foremost concern is everyone’s safety and well being. We are trying to pass on relevant information to our staff as soon as we can however with the dynamic nature of the situation and response, it is difficult to keep up at best.  We urge all of our employees to stay in touch with their local authorities and news organizations for updates. Please heed their warnings and mandates in order to help everyone move forward as quickly and safely as possible.  We will do what we can to implement any government mandated assistance as quickly as possible and inform our employees of what they can expect.

Please note that our office staff has been complying with all of the requirements of Federal, State and local officials concerning minimizing office staff and creating as much of a remote workforce as possible.  This has created some delays in getting answers to some of your questions and concerns. Please be advised that we are doing our best to respond quickly and as accurately as possible under these circumstances.  We ask for your patience and look forward to continuing to assist in any way possible.

We will be posting updates to our website concerning major issues or developments that may affect our Employees or Clients.