Our employees are at the core of all that we do. We strive to make their work with us as simple and straightforward as possible so they can focus on our client’s work.

We provide this area to allow employees quick access to most of the resources they will need during their assignments. As always, if you have any questions regarding your assignment you should contact your Recruitment Coordinator or our Payroll Office at 800-631-4218. They are there to support you.

Time Keeping – Employees are responsible for providing us with their hours in a timely manner. We pay our staff on a weekly basis every Friday. Time may be submitted a number of ways depending on your assignment. Please check with your Recruitment Coordinator for the correct time record.

Employee Pay – Employees may receive either a traditional check or direct deposit for their payroll. Direct deposit can be utilized by filling out a Direct Deposit Form in the “Employment Forms” area.

We have tried to make available to our employees, benefits and services we believe help encourage a stable and more rewarding work environment for our employees and their dependents.

Employees may participate in some, none or all of these programs depending on their work status and personal situation. There may be individual requirements depending on the services offered.

401K Savings Plan

100% Contributory (no matching funds).  Enrollment eligibility on the first of the month following the first 30 days of employment. This program allows employees to contribute, through payroll deduction, to a tax-deferred, fully qualified, retirement savings plan.

Health Insurance

Plan cost is borne by the employee through payroll deduction (pre-tax). The plan is multi-tiered providing the option to select a Bronze or Platinum Level plan. In addition, less expensive MEC preventative/wellness plan is available. (note: the MEC plan does not have a medical or hospitalization component) These plans are all ACA compliant.

All plans offered are available to full time employees, their spouses and dependents.

Direct Deposit

Employees may have payroll deposited directly into their bank account. May be some restrictions based on the employee’s financial institution.

Additional Insurance Programs available via payroll deduction:

Term Life Insurance – Fulltime active employees are eligible to purchase a $25,000 Term Life Insurance Policy. (No Medical Exam Required)

Accidental Death & Dismemberment – $75,000 of coverage may be purchased to cover accidental Loss of Life or for accidental dismemberment. Benefits are based on determination of loss.

Disability Income Insurance – $1,500 maximum monthly benefit for employees who become disabled while employed.

Other Resources Available:

LJGA works to make special offers and arrangements for our employees to get access to or discounts for various other services. (Many of these resources & services may have special requirements to participate. LJGA does not manage, arrange or control any of those requirements. These services are provided by the respective company and they solely are responsible for the services provided)

Verizon Wireless: Through Verizon, our employees may be eligible for up to an 8% discount in their wireless plan.

LifeLock: Employees may be eligible for discounts in this identity theft protection program.

QTB Transportation Benefits: Allows Employees to utilize pre-tax dollars for certain commuting and public transportation costs. This may be obtained through pretax contributions by the employee to this program making it less expense to get to work.

NOTE: Employees of LJGA are covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance in accordance with all statutory requirements of the states in which our services are rendered.

All Health Insurance Plans and their administration meet the Federal Government’s ACA requirements for plan content, participation and employee cost. We are proud participants in the American Staffing Associations “ACA Compliant” initiative for staffing organizations

L. J. Gonzer Associates does not make recommendations or provide guidance on matters concerning finance or insurance requirements. Employees should seek professional financial and/or tax services when determining if these products are right for you and your situation.

Below is a list of available employment documents. You may select the forms you want and fill them out. You can save them and email them to your recruitment coordinator or print them out and send them to our office. They can be faxed to: 908-709-9077. (Please note: if you are filling out an ‘I-9 Employment Verification/Eligibility’ form. That must be done in person with your recruitment coordinator or an assigned delegate.)

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